Friday 3 May 2013

Planting Cauliflowers

It is time to plant out the cauliflowers in the allotment.

First, I cleared the area of weeds, making sure I got out the long tap roots of docks.

Then I dug holes about 3-4 inches deep with a trowel, spacing these about 10 inches or so apart. (I plant in patches rather than rows for brassicas)

The cauliflower plants were all popped in the holes, leaving the plug of compost on them as to not disturb the roots, and then the holes filled with liquid feed made from comfrey leaves to add a bit of fertilizer.

I then back-filled the holes with soil - as it was evening when I planted these, I ensured that dry soil was on the surface, as wet soil overnight would just attract slugs.

 I then pressed down on the soil around the plants
to firmly support the plants.

I will water the plants again in the morning as the forecast is warm and dry for the next few days.