Monday 23 May 2011

money saving tip #2 Turn things off!

Turn off electrical appliances when not in use....

It's so easy not to remember to turn things off or leave electrical appliances in standby. Standby draws power from the mains, so it's almost a religious duty to switch off completely!

Turn off mobile phone and other chargers when they have finished charging - I have heard that they draw power even after they have finished charging - certainly they seem to turn a lot of the power they consume into heat!

Turn off the kettle as soon as it gets near boiling - once the steam starts coming out that means that water inside is boiling - I never seem to drink my coffee piping hot anyway - I either forget or end up being distracted by another task....

Keep doors and windows shut in cold weather - heat leaves very easily!

Switch lights off when not in a room   - my children are now very well drilled and now tell each other off when a light's left on!

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