Monday 27 June 2011

allotment report!

The allotment is getting productive - probably why I haven't had much time to blog about it!

Blackcurrants - more than we and our freezer can cope with!
Strawberries - likewise!
Raspberries - getting that way!

First courgettes appearing - I am sure we have a book somewhere entitled "what can we do with all those courgettes?!"

Peas flowering
First lot of potatoes ready for picking - will do this when we have got through the sack that we bought for a fiver up on the Yorkshire Wolds

Lettuce - happy and slug free for a change
Carrots - several lots now planted
Onions - eating the overwintered ones, summer ones growing happily

Blueberry bush is not happy - my mum said it is a deficiency caused by the fact we have a clay alcali soil and not a acid soil.

Pears - still got some black spot - treating with Diphane 945 - not organic I know but the only thing available that can cure it apparantly.

31.8 deg C today!

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