Monday 1 July 2013

New season fruit and veg

Will do some photos soon, but the fine weather, coupled with a little bit of overnight rain is really bringing on the allotment.

The first new season veg were broad beans and lettuce
Next up some strawberries (must be Wimbledon then!)
and blackcurrants
and some very nice calabrese
and, just when we're down to the last 3 onions in store, the first onions and garlic - so all year round onions!

Was a bit worried about the mildew on one of the apples (I think the Falstaff) and a bit of black spot fungus, but with the application of Diphane945 it seems to be clearing up.

I try to do as much as possible organic, but as Diphane945 is the only think that will cure black spot fungus I have to use it. 

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