Sunday 24 June 2018

6-Spot Burnet Moths - the importance of Wildflowers

On her cycle ride yesterday my wife found a huge number of 6 Spot Burnet Moths on a wildflower patch just opposite the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust nature reserve at Askham Bog. This was bordered on all sides by roads and cut through with a path but was teeming with moths and bees and some butterflies.

So, this morning I set off with her and one of our daughters to see for myself!

The moths were rather busy and to be honest weren't taking much notice of a digital camera being pointed at them!

The last time I saw these moths - in nowhere near the same numbers was on orchids in the sand dunes near Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland.

There's been quite an explosion in wildflowers along the verges near where we live this year, probably due to the late Spring and everything happening at once.

There has been some active planting of wildflowers, and the Highways Agency have planted a lot along the A1/M1 link road, the cowslips and ox-eye daisies being particularly appealing this year.

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