Monday 30 March 2020

Lockdown Day 7 - Baby Woodpigeon from last year

So, a week now since we were put on lockdown and I still have a long list of things I would like to do! Which is a good sign - I think! It has been a bit cold for outdoor work these past couple of days and so, apart from watering the seedlings in the small lean-to greenhouse we have on the front of the house and popping to the supermarket (which seems to have more stock in now), I haven't been out.

So, today's post is a flashback to last year when we had a pair of Woodpigeons nest in our hawthorn tree at the front of the house. Woodpigeons can be a pest, especially for farmers but in an urban area they do little harm. It is of course illegal to disturb an occupied nest anyway.

OK, hands up who has actually seen a baby pigeon? When they fledge they are almost indistinguishable from adult pigeons apart from being a little smaller.

So, being able to observe this nest from a safe distance to avoid disturbance was actually quite interesting and the first time I had in fact seen a baby pigeon!

There were, we think, two youngsters in the nest but with the dense foliage it was often difficult to see the nest properly and see both youngsters at once.

One of the adults has been back this year but despite some animated head bobbing and coo-ing, doesn't seem to have been successful in attracting a mate this year.

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