Monday 15 June 2020

Lockdown Day 84 - Blackcurrants

Just a quick one tonight, I will be going up to the allotment in the morning so will have much more to say tomorrow!

Yesterday I picked the first batch of blackcurrants from our bushes in the allotment. We have a permanent bed in the middle section of the allotment that contains several blackcurrant bushes, some raspberries, a minarette damson tree with delusions of grandeur and a Gala minarette apple tree. There's a rhubarb plant there too and a comfrey plant, the latter of which is really buzzing with bees, I've seen quite a few tawny mining bees, carder bees as well as honey bees feeding on the comfrey flowers.

By midweek I shall probably be able to fill another tub full of blackcurrants, they are ripening really quickly at the moment. We put quite a lot into jam and some we put into sugar solution. One time I tried putting them in vodka! What happens over time is that the blackcurrants soak up some of the vodka. When you first put one in your mouth nothing happens but then when you bite into it you get a blackcurrant and vodka flavoured taste explosion!

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