Wednesday 17 June 2020

Lockdown Day 86 - Remembering Grey Seals on Farne Islands

With today being a shopping day, I haven't been up to the allotment or out for a bike ride into the countryside. Although I was wearing a face mask, very few other people were, in fact at one store only myself and one shop assistant who was standing outside the shop were wearing one. This troubles me a lot as face masks can cut transmission of coronavirus in enclosed spaces although by wearing one, you are protecting others from any germs you may have rather than the other way round.

Anyway, today's blog is another flashback, this time to 2013 and a trip to the Farne Islands by boat from Seahouses, a beautiful fishing village on the Northumberland coast. That year we had amazing weather and spent a lot of time on the beach too. There are, in normal times, some very tasty fish and chips to be had from takeaways and cafes and there's some very unafraid eider ducks to watch you eat them!

Around the Farne Islands there are approximately nine thousand grey seals with at least two thousand pups being born every Autumn, the National Trust have a seal counting programme that has been going since 1970 (although seals were counted by others before that point) so there is good data of trends and numbers.

The Farne Islands have thousands of seabirds make their nests there, including Arctic Terns, Puffins, Guillemots and many other species.

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