Tuesday 10 November 2020

10th November 2020 - Lockdown 2 - Day 6 - Allotment in the murk

Well, day six of the second lockdown and four of those days have been foggy and dull for much of them. The plans I have had to do more weeding and tidying in the allotment will have to wait until it is drier. Even the local collared doves are sitting it out in the tree. 

This afternoon, although still cloudy, was dry and I took a brief excursion to the allotment (it is only two minutes from the house, in fact the site starts at the end of the street)

The broad beans have germinated so they have got a barrier of brambles to deter the slugs and give them a chance to grow a bit before the cold sets in. That being said, I hear rumours of a very mild spell of weather coming next week. There's half a dozen broad beans in the lean-to greenhouse back at the house just in case these get chomped though!

The purple sprouting broccoli for next Spring is looking good and the plants don't need any protection now from the white butterflies and caterpillars. This end of the allotment needs a good tidy to be honest, the cabbages are almost done and the summer broccoli is now flowers - we do leave these to go to flower once they have finished producing as another opportunity for insects - but they just need to be composted now. The mini sweetcorn have stopped producing now although leaving the stalks in stops weeds. This end of the allotment will be potatoes next year and hopefully the broccoli in the photo wil have finished by the time of planting these. 

The harvest was good today again despite the weather. Yet more apples, a parsnip, some carrots, the last usable leaves of spinach beet and a few very small purple sprouts. With the potatoes for tea in store in the house, and the pie from the butchers just round the corner (the lamb in the pie is from a farm three miles away) our tea will be mostly local, just the peas, a bit of swede and the gravy being otherwise. 

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