Monday 21 May 2012

Sweetcorn disaster!

Now I know that many people think the thrush family of birds are gardener's friends. Well, yes they can be, munching through slugs, snails and other grubs that can cause problems in the allotment. However, today my wife was rather distressed to find that all the newly planted sweetcorn, and their peat pots were spread all over the place!
I went up first thing this morning to water them, all was well, but by late morning something had been along and pulled them up. Now, I have had problems with blackbirds pulling up the tails of onion sets before now - they are easy to put   back in and generally survive. But it looks like we have lost about 3/4 of the large sweetcorn my wife has spent a lot of time planting.
She wants to know whether she can wring the bird's neck! However I told her that such as song thrushes are on the "at risk" list of birds (their numbers have declined dramatically over the past few years, probably due to pesticides). She said that if she gets hold of it - it will be at risk!

We've not had bird damage before - even the woodpigeons don't seem to go for our allotment - I think it is because of the hedges - they seem to prefer the more open plots nearby where they can see their predators coming!

At least the mini sweetcorn were untouched, but they are a bit further on in growing and look less like the ends of worms.....

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