Monday 27 August 2012

Nothing new under the sun...

Just reading a very interesting volume collection of a weekly newspaper called The Graphic published in Victorian times. This volume covered the period of January to June 1887 and does seem to be contemporary published folio, based on what I read on such as AbeBooks.

Some topics in the news include:

Concern regarding the call to Jihad by an Afghan ruler, particularly against the Russian empire.
An enquiry into the earnings of doctors to see whether some doctors were being paid excessively
Concerns about "the 3 R's" in education
various earthquakes and disasters at sea.
Whether the Post Office should deliver on Sundays.
Preparations for the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria and a historical look back at the Jubilee of George 111.

Though some topics are definitely of the time:

Discovery of Gold in the Transvaal     (now South Africa)
The last battle in the wars in Arizona and Mexico against the Apache Indians
The opening of the new Tay Bridge

Adverts were for such as Pear's soap, Fry's chocolate and cocoa, Beecham's remedies

One advert was entitled "To Stout People" and was a remedy to cure obesity!

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