Sunday 26 June 2016

Allotment update - late June 2016

The allotment is nearly full now and everything is in. The full list is as follows:

1st section:

Onions, leeks, parsnips, mini sweetcorn, nasturtiums, garlic (just picked), carrots

2nd section

Peas, three types of beans, sweetcorn, two minarette pear trees, 3 blueberry plants, lavender (last three permanent), pumpkins

3rd section (permanent beds)

Raspberries, blackcurrants, rhubarb, minarette damson, minarette apple

4th section

Asparagus bed (permanent), potatoes, 1 random cauliflower that should have come up last year! Minarette apple (permanent)

5th section

Courgettes, strawberry sweetcorn, cabbages, broccoli


Strawberries, autumn raspberries, blackberries, Pinot Mernier grape vine, minarette apple

Also - at house - peppers, cucamelon, fig tree, grape vine, Meyer lemon, rocket, mini carrots, tomato

Bird update

Still possibly one occupied nest in hawthorn tree at top end, possibly house sparrows. Was a blackbird nest in side hedge. Song and Mistle thrushes have nested somewhere nearby, as have robins.

Recent sightings have included first record of a garden warbler and linnets. And - although not a good photo, this red kite has been regular, and was very low at times - calling out as well.

Unfortunately we may have a problem (although maybe the solution is pictured above!)

This was in a neighbouring allotment though I suspect that it has had a look round ours.

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  1. Ah! We have a similar sort of problem, though we've found the cats to be useful for that sort of thing... though they then made one of my beds (with newly sown carrot seeds in) into a dust bath - not pleased! You've been very organised this year, I hope all goes very well for you!