Tuesday 9 October 2018

Allotment update

We are extremely blessed with plenty of home grown vegetables and fruit at the moment. 

There's been several days when I have come home with a basket full like these. 

Carrot harvest has been pretty good this year, as noted elsewhere on the blog we grow them in compost in stacks of tyres (second picture on here ) which means they have plenty of depth to grow and at the bottom of the tyres is a thick layer of weeds and other compostables for them to dig down into for nutrients. 

These are just some of the apples, mostly Falstaff but some Chivers Delight. The Falstaff has perhaps about a dozen remaining on now (hopefully the high winds forecast for Friday night won't knock them off) and the Chivers Delight and Gala (the latter being very late ripening) still have a lot on - although unlike the Falstaff, the other two varieties are really quite small this year, probably due to the lack of rain this summer, 

These are new to us this year - yin yang beans (I wonder why they are called that? 😉 ) Quite prolific and have been grown up an old swing frame - which reminds me that there's another old swing frame to transport to the allotment at some point. They are now drying in the spare bedroom on some newspaper. 

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