Tuesday 1 December 2020

Tuesday 1st December - Lockdown - Day 27 - Allotment Update

 Well, tomorrow the present lockdown is over for me and I go back to work, so after a lovely walk with a friend this morning I went up to the allotment this afternoon to do some digging over. 

The broad beans have been doing well, although one or two appear to have been nibbled despite the brambles round them to try and keep the slugs away. There's some more in the lean-to greenhouse at the house, which are getting very big to be honest and maybe I need to plant them out. 

This is the sprouting broccoli for early Spring next year which has done really well, the trick is to try and keep up with the picking once it starts otherwise the flowers come really quickly. 

This net has been a good investment. This particular apple tree, a Gala, is really late fruiting and so if it isn't netted the birds come along and have a really good peck at the apples. It is not big enough to protect every single apple but we've had a lot more off this tree than in previous years. 

The nasturtiums have finally caught a little bit of frost, apart from around where the parsnips and leeks are I will let these rot down as a kind of green manure and ground cover, saves me having to weed over the winter!

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