Wednesday 20 May 2020

Lockdown Day 58 - Mayfly drop in

Yesterday evening, around 8.30pm, there was quite an unexpected visitor into the back yard. After managing to coax it out of a flowerpot, we identified this insect as a Mayfly - a species which ordinarily is found near lakes and ponds and rivers.

Although I now have a Kodak Pixpro bridge camera, it is sometimes quicker and easier to use my old Canon IXUS point and shoot camera which has a decent macro on it, in fact it is often easier to use than the Kodak for insects etc and I used it for this photograph.

Mayflies are known for only living a short time once they transition from larvae, with one sole purpose in mind, to mate and secure the next generation. This one we believe is a Medium Olive (Baetis vernus) although if anyone is expert on these species and is able to provide a definite identification please let me know via the comments below! To our knowledge was quite a long way from the nearest pond, and the river is around half a mile away too. After a few minutes it flew off, and to be honest, being a Mayfly, it hasn't got time to hang around!

This site - although the text for the various Mayflies is focused on angling, has some good information on Enthemeroptera

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