Sunday 31 May 2020

Lockdown Day 69 - strange find in the compost bin and the SpaceX mission

Another hot sunny day today, and a trip up to the allotment before it got too hot.

A few different jobs this morning. Watering needs doing every day, different parts of the allotment, even just the potato patch is taking around one hundred litres of water. Did some weeding of the onion patch, with the dry and hot weather a few of the overwintered onions have fallen over meaning that they are ready to pick and dry, this is a month ahead of normal.

About thirty borlotti bean plants were planted under an old swing frame today, and we hope to start a few more off too.

As we were digging out compost for the beans, we uncovered something really quite strange, we think it is, or was a bean, but it has grown to the size of a freshwater mussel! The shell is about four inches long and the bean - if it is that - is about two inches.

Over the past couple of days I have been watching the SpaceX/NASA mission to the International Space Station (ISS). In the 1980s I remember the first flight of the Space Shuttle and the Voyager missions to the outer planets and I enjoy watching live events such as this. We've seen the ISS a few times now coming over the house and on a clear night you can often see satellites coming across the sky. The last manned moon mission was just before I was born though, and I do wonder whether humans will ever make it back there during my lifetime. I took the above photo this teatime, Kodak bridge camera hand held, but you can see quite a lot of detail nevertheless, particularly the craters at the base of the moon and the Mare ("sea") plains further up.

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