Thursday 28 May 2020

Lockdown Day 66 - Quick Allotment Update

Just a quick update this evening. The first pea pods are forming on the pea plants along with the first broad beans. Plenty of strawberries picked this evening for tea to have with ice cream, which I topped up with some blackberries soaked in brandy stored from last year! First calabrese head has started to form, and the potatoes seem have recovered now fully from the frost. We have stopped picking asparagus to allow the plants to produce ferns and store the energy they need for next year's crop. The allotment is needing an awful lot of water at the moment including all the fruit bushes and minarette trees and indeed the garden and pots are too. Tomorrow's jobs will be putting in some more calabrese plants and digging over ready for the borlotti beans to go into the soil around the old swing frame we have for them to grow up.

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