Wednesday 11 November 2020

11th November 2020 - Lockdown 2 - Day 7 - Cycle Ride

 Cycle ride today. Still a bit dull outside but at least dry. The trees are halfway to winter shutdown now. I find November the bleakest month to be honest, often characterised around here by a lot of fog and grey skies. 

Out on the flat stubble fields near home there were masses of crows, starlings, gulls and a large flock of redwings. The Black-Headed Gulls took off in a hurry with the arrival of this Herring Gull. A Kestrel hovered by the side of the busy A64, looking for small rodents disturbed by the traffic. 

Whilst not for this blog, I have been taking quite a few photos recently of pubs and churches. With the restrictions these places have spent a lot of time closed, and one wonders how many will be viable after all this is over. 

Further on, I stopped briefly to watch two jays in the tree top canopy, and below them two wrens picking off insects from the branches. A grey squirrel (not red ones in our part of the world unfortunately) pottered around, looking for food. 

This view is typical of the quiet lanes we cycle on around where we live. We are indeed lucky to have such places on our doorstep, it would have been quite a different experience of lockdown in a densely built city suburb. 

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