Friday 13 November 2020

13th November 2020 - Lockdown 2 - Day 9 - allotment and lockdown

 After some early morning rain, today was a very sunny and dry day. Managed to get out for a quick cycle ride (about seven miles) around lunchtime, though bird life was very sparse along what is usually quite a biodiverse country lane. After lunch, a trip to the allotment to pick cabbages to make another batch of kimchi using a recipe which you can read about here. Also picked another parsnip for tea, deep fried as parsnip chips with some home grown potato chips too. There's still apples ready, and some of the last borlotti beans that have been drying on the plants, they have now come inside for further drying on newspaper upstairs. 

The winter onions and garlic have established well in the allotment, they are rooted enough not to be pulled up by inquisitive blackbirds!

Over the past couple of weeks, there's been several people I know that have gone down with Covid-19, makes it more personal when it is people one knows. They all are or have recovered though as far as I know which is a relief though I have heard about two people whom friends/relatives know that have died of it. Whether this present lockdown will work is to be determined, it does really depend on behaviour of individuals both during and more importantly afterwards in the run up to Christmas. 
Whilst I can always find things to do and we are secure in income even with my furlough payments, others aren't as lucky either financially or indeed in having the easy access to countryside we have or space to grow one's own food. 
Whether there's going to be long term positive shifts in behaviour as a result of this pandemic, for instance the continuation of a lot of home working or indeed many continuing to grow food for themselves, is to be determined. Community spirit, people helping each other out, can be more durable. One thing that does really concern me is the shift away from public transport as, quite legitimately, people reduce their risks by using their own cars if possible for journeys, rather than a potentially busy bus or train. We need people to one day get back to using buses and trains for business and leisure, rather than their cars. Hopefully the infrastructure that is being put in by councils, with central Government funding, for improving cycling and walking will help matters and mode shift many people's journeys. We have been over a newly opened cycle path using the route of an old railway line, with a recently rebuilt bridge over the River Wharfe at Newton Kyme. This was very pleasant and away from busy roads, and when we did the journey about a month ago we saw a Grey Wagtail on the path as well as a lot of other bird species in trees alongside. 

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