Thursday 26 November 2020

25th November 2020 - Lockdown 2 - Day 21 - Moon and Mars

 Just a quick one for this evening. I am busy learning how to use my new Omegon LX3 Minitrack for astronomy photography, amd indeed the camera settings necessary for this. 

Last night was clear and so I got a nice picture of the moon for starters. 

The next one is of Mars, in the constellation of Pisces. I'll need to work on this another night, to try and produce an image of Mars without the "starburst"effect, this was on a 30 second exposure with the clockwork motor running on the tracker, however, the image is sharp and the colours of the stars in the shot are noticable. 

I need to look at layering multiple photographs as well and experiment with different aperture and ISO settings and timings. However, tonight was all about just learning how to use the tracker so it was a good result!

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