Friday 6 November 2020

6th November 2020 - Lockdown 2 - Day 2

This morning I looked out into the first real proper fog of this Autumn! Living not too far from the river, we often get thick fog at this time of year. It took all morning to lift properly so I waiting until the sunshine this afternoon to potter in the garden and the allotment. At the end of the day though there are definitely hints of the cold of the coming winter. 

In the lean-to greenhouse next to the house, the tomato plant and the gherkins have finally expired with just a few little tomatoes and one gherkin left. So, these have been cleared out and the perennials that are overwintering in there spread out a bit, along with a few broad beans that were started in here last week, five of which have now come up. I am not sure whether to leave them in here or harden them off yet, might be tempted to leave them as an insurance policy for the ones that have just germinated in the allotment, although in general these are hardy plants. Indeed, one survived outdoors in the allotment in the extreme winter of 2009/10 where it got down to -17 degrees Celsius! 

The Phlox plant that I got from Woodend Nurseries in Great Preston near Leeds the other week has decided to flower! I planted it in a large tub by the front door, covering the compost with straw as a mulch, so it obviously is a happy plant, but it is actually November so it is obviously a little mixed up! 

With the fish tonight, we had another home grown parsnip, sliced thinly and deep fried. This one though was quite an unusual, and dare I say, rather risque! Tasted nice though although took a little while to prepare because of the shape!

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