Monday 8 June 2020

Lockdown Day 76 -Allotment Update-Part 2

Oops - I completely forgot to post the blog yesterday so today I'll have to have detention and do two!

The wet weather has revived the blueberries and they are looking a whole lot happier. They need rainwater rather than tap water and they sit in planters full of ericaceous compost as our soil is not acid enough. The net was left off while they were being pollinated but they are now fully protected against some rather hungry blackbirds!

Here are some grapes forming on the grape vine we have, again in its own pot. I'll thin these out quite substantially over the next couple of months and these will also have to be netted as when they get ripe they often disappear quickly if unprotected!

The wet weather has also brought the potatoes on and they are now fully recovered from the late frost we had in May. There's Red Duke of York and Cara potatoes in here. I may earth up the later ones (the rows furthest from the camera) a bit more to encourage more underground growth and I also pull the flowers off when they form. 

In a few days time we'll be picking blackcurrants with many now ripening on the bushes. A bit more rain and sun this week and they will be nice and juicy. Some go into jam and some get stored in sugar solution, and one year I popped some in vodka!

A couple of the calabrese are starting to form heads but it will be another two or three weeks at least before the biggest one currently is ready for harvest. 

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