Wednesday 24 June 2020

Lockdown Day 93 - Allotment update

Although today is a shopping day, yesterday I spent around four hours during the day in the allotment. It would have been far too hot for any work today to be honest, I really don't cope very well with heat and the thermometer in the shade was 29 Celsius in early afternoon today. Yesterday was cloudy at times so a fair bit cooler and I was able to get plenty done.

First job was weeding the peas and beans, there's around thirty pea plants now producing quite a few peas and around seventy borlotti bean plants, some of the early ones of which are now near the top of their poles! There's a few broad bean plants too. In the same patch I have also planted some pumpkins which will trail around underneath the beans.
The second job, a regular task at the moment, was to pick some soft fruit. We are eating the strawberries and raspberries as dessert with ice cream at the moment and the blackcurrants are going in the freezer to ultimately make jam from.

Also ready at the moment is the calabrese (headed broccoli) and this is the second really good head we've had with more to come soon.

The final cauliflower seedlings have gone in, it was a struggle to find room for them as our brassica patch has been so successful this year! I also weeded that area, especially around the mini sweetcorn.

The whole allotment then got a good watering with the hosepipe as I knew I wouldn't be up there today to do this.

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