Sunday 28 June 2020

Lockdown Day 97 - Yet more soft fruit!

Just a quick blog today. This morning was spent picking yet more raspberries, strawberries and blackcurrants. That's at least eight grape punnets of blackcurrants picked so far! There was nearly another punnet full of raspberries, maybe that's at least three punnets full, maybe getting on for four in total. The strawberries are, I think, nearing the end of the season in the allotment although in the yard in the pots on the wall they are still going well.

I've preserved the blackcurrants in syrup made with 350g of sugar to 600ml of water, boiled and then poured onto washed blackcurrants put into two sterilised Kilner jars and then heat treated in the oven for forty minutes or so.

The weather has been very showery this afternoon and incredibly windy for the time of year. The rain is of course welcome and has swelled the blackcurrants and the blueberries are nearly ready to pick too.

Jobs for this next week include taming the grape vine, I will have to look up whether it is time to give it any pruning and indeed the minarette fruit trees may need pruning soon too. There's the potato patch to weed and very soon our first cabbage will need picking, not sure at this stage whether we will use it as is or pickle it or turn it into a kind of kimchi. There will be peas and beans to pick midweek and there's still several punnets of blackcurrants and more raspberries to harvest!

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