Monday 22 June 2020

Lockdown Day 91-Trip to the seaside-Part 1

We have been very reluctant to take trips further than our local area, and especially to the seaside given the pictures we have seen of crowds on beaches during the first easing of the lockdown.

However, we love going to the coast and now that the general risk of coronavirus is lower, we decided to work out how we could safety go and enjoy a day at the seaside.

One of our favourite places is Flamborough and there's several possible coves on the headland to choose from so any visitors would be spread between them. We set off early so as to be there when the beach was relatively quiet, which turned out to be correct, and we had plans to move on when the beach got busy, which again was the case from about half past two in the afternoon. Given that cafes and pubs are also closed (apart from some takeaway options) this again was a factor as once people are able to go and have sit down meals and drinks at the seaside it will increase the number of visitors, so we figured that now - rather than in two or three weeks' time, would be the time to go.

At this time of year, lots of seabirds are nesting on the cliffs and at North Landing you can see them above your head at either side of the cove, and the noise was constant from them, Kittiwakes especially. There's also the strange growling noise of the Razorbills, in fact there were a lot more Razorbills there than I had ever seen before at this location. In total we also saw nine Puffins.

I'll pop some more photographs up tomorrow but for now, here's a Puffin!

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